The Black Crowes are planning to release a new version of Live at the Greek with their own songs included for the first time.

The 2000 album showcased their curtailed tour with Jimmy Page, but a clause with their former label at the time kept the Black Crowes from releasing material of their own.

As a result, Live at the Greek has never included “Remedy,” “Wiser Time,” “No Speak, No Slave” and their cover of “Hard To Handle,” focusing instead on the Led Zeppelin songs performed with Page.

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News of a rebooted edition was revealed as the band appeared on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show this week. “The Black Crowes are re-releasing it and adding the Black Crowes songs that Jimmy Page played on with you guys,” the host told the audience.

“Yeah, we’re going to do a box set next year,” vocalist Chris Robinson confirmed. “It will be the 25th anniversary of that record, and that record’s been released a couple of times but without any of the Black Crowes songs that we did with him.”

He added: “Jimmy’s always great. It was a real blessing and a real honour to get to play music with him, and our friendship has continued all these many years. That’s almost 24 years ago when we made that record.”

When the Black Crowes Met David Bowie

During the show, Chris and brother Rich Robinson discussed the time they attended a surprise birthday party for U2 guitarist The Edge in Ireland, accompanying David Bowie to the event. They recalled that no one was allowed any refreshments until the Edge arrived.

Earlier that day, they added, Bowie – who was staying in the same hotel – had fixed Chris Robinson’s stereo system. “Our managers bought us these stereos… and they ran on 110 [volts],” Rich explained. “Chris said, ‘I’ve got this stereo and I can’t change it!’ And David was like, ‘I’ll fix it!’ He came into [Chris’] room and changed it to 220 or whatever.”

Chris took the opportunity to perform his Bowie impersonation. “He was like, ‘How did you like that then?’ I was like, ‘Thanks a lot, David Bowie… By the way, I’ve made one album – are you impressed?’ He was like, ‘No, not really, man!’”

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