Corey Taylor is not anti-Beatles, but there is one song he really can't stand: "All You Need Is Love."

In an interview with the Zach Sang Show earlier this month, the Slipknot singer described the track as "hippie garbage" and "one of the biggest pieces of shit that I've ever heard in my life. And every time I hear it, I feel like I'm getting shot at. Put it that way — it's that bad."

Corey Taylor Wrote a Response to 'All You Need Is Love'

Taylor prefaced his comments by noting that his new song "All I Want Is Hate," from his upcoming album CMF2, was written as a sort of satirical response to the Beatles' 1967 song but he doesn't think poorly of the Fab Four. "First of all, they are one of the best bands that ever lived, and what they accomplished in that short amount of time will never be replicated," he said.

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Taylor recently doubled down on his opinion in a video he posted to his YouTube channel, in which he responded to "shit talk" sent to him by his fans. One listener pushed back on his Beatles take, arguing that "All You Need Is Love" is their best song.

"No, it's not," Taylor firmly said. "It's a piece of shit."

Watch Corey Taylor Respond to Fans' 'S--- Talk' 

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