Dave Grohl will star in a Super Bowl commercial for Crown Royal.

A pair of teaser clips have unveiled the Foo Fighters frontman as the new spokesperson for the Canadian whiskey brand. In one, Grohl is seen in a recording studio, where he’s handed a list of seemingly unrelated items. “Peanut Butter. What?” the rocker questions, before going further through the list. “The battery? No. Trash bags? The replay?”

The YouTube caption accompanying the video says: “Dave just found out what these objects have in common. Tune in to the big game on 02.12.23 to find out too.”

In a separate video, Grohl is shown in front of a microphone recording various deliveries of the phrase, “Thank you.” Both teasers can be seen below.

Grohl has long been a fan of Crown Royal, with the drink remaining a staple of the Foo Fighters’ tour rider for decades.

“Our dressing rooms are always filled with friends”, Grohl explained to Mark Hoppus on the Blink-182 singer’s podcast After School Radio. “You haven’t seen everyone in a long time, and you’re doing shots of Crown Royal, and you’re like, ‘Yay!’ And everyone’s like… taking pictures with each other. And it’s like a reunion every night.”

Grohl was also sure to bring some Crown Royal with him during his 2022 appearance on the YouTube series Hot Ones.

“Now, I don’t know if you know about Pantera, but they’re the most wicked heavy metal band of all-time. And they would do these shots, they call them black tooth grins,” the Foo Fighters frontman explained to host Sean Evans, while mixing a cocktail made of Crown Royal, Seagrams 7 and Coca-Cola.

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