Tommy Lee said Motley Crue had written and recorded a song titled “Canceled,” dealing with the fact that they’ve never had to go through the experience.

The drummer noted that his bandmates remained surprised to have avoided modern cancel culture despite their infamous behavior over the years.

“We just recorded a song called ‘Canceled’ because we were just inspired by the rest of the world and things and places, like anybody else,” he told Bill Maher in the latest episode of his Club Random podcast.

You can watch the interview below.

“There was this article that was like, ‘How did Motley Crue ever not get canceled?’ And we were like, ‘Fuck, we got to write a song about that because we didn't ever get it.’ We we snuck in under the whatever threshold, wherever that was, where we got away with fucking murder.”

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Maher argued the band was now safe, saying, “You don't have to worry about this. … That headline, ‘Has a Motley been canceled?’ – the real headline is, ‘You know they can’t be if they haven’t been by now. It’s a done deal. We’ve accepted them.”

Lee responded, “Which actually kind of pisses me off because now I want to even try harder! You know, I’ll get drunk and take pictures of my dick and throw it up on the internet – and that doesn’t do anything either. So I guess I guess I’m safe, but … .”

Tommy Lee Considered Kidnap Insurance for His Kids

Elsewhere in the conversation, Lee discussed some of the downsides of his rock ’n’ roll lifestyle, including the fact that he had to warn his children not to reveal their locations on social media. “At one point we considered getting kidnapping insurance,” he said. “Like, I never in my lifetime ever thought I’d be even having that conversation.

“But I’m telling the kids, I’m like, ‘You can’t tell people where you’re at … somebody might want to fucking swoop you up.’ No, I was like, ‘You can’t give your location to people.”

He also explained that his mom was never happy with calling hotels to speak to him because he usually checked in with a false name, like Clint Torres and Haywood Jablome. “She would just always be bummed because she’s calling to speak to her son, but she has to ask for some fucking jackass name,” Lee said.

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