Nancy Wilson has no interest in reuniting with Heart's original lineup, and has reportedly refused at least one lucrative offer to do so.

In a recent conversation with The Washington Post, Ann Wilson’s manager, Dave Frey, noted that Heart had been given a "big offer" to perform a special concert at Washington state’s famous Gorge Amphitheatre, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the band’s debut album, Dreamboat Annie. The request, he explained, was to have Heart’s original 1975 lineup back together for the show.

According to Frey, Ann was on board with the idea, even suggesting that a documentary could be filmed chronicling the event. Nancy, however, had zero interest.

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“I don’t think you could pay me enough,” she declared to the Post. “It’s … what’s the word? It’s icky.”

Ann also seemed to contradict Frey’s enthusiasm, explaining in a separate conversation that a reunion could carry a lot of unwanted baggage.

“The thing that the fans don’t ever consider is the unpleasantness of how the relationships within the band function,” the Heart singer noted. “If the band split up, there was a reason for that.”

Why Did Heart’s Original Lineup Break Up?

The original Heart lineup featured the Wilson sisters alongside guitarist Roger Fisher, bassist Steve Fossen, drummer Michael Derosier and keyboardist Howard Leese. The group released four albums together in the ‘70s – Dreamboat Annie (1975), Little Queen (1977), Magazine (1977) and Dog & Butterfly (1978).

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While Heart enjoyed commercial success at the time, personal relationships within the band deteriorated. Nancy was dating Fisher, while Ann was dating his brother, Michael, who also served as Heart’s manager. Cheating brought both relationships to swift and acrimonious ends. The Fishers were exiled from Heart, but things soon got messier when Nancy had a fling with Derosier. Combusting internally, Heart’s original lineup was done by 1982, with only Leese and the Wilsons continuing into the next iteration of the band.

Though Nancy's recent comments seem to dismiss any chance of a classic lineup reunion, the musicians did join together once previously. In 2013, the original members shared the stage during Heart’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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