Everyone would like to think they live in the coolest city or town but there is only one in Michigan that is one of the coolest in North America and you might live there.

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What Makes a City The Coolest?


Certainly if having a city that has cold temperatures makes them the coolest, most of Michigan's Upper Peninsula would have some of the top cities in the North America.


If leather jackets and sunglasses determined what would be the coolest cities in North America we would all live in the coolest city or town.


A company by the name of Betway specializes in gathering data, they based what a cool city is on its nightlife, diversity, and sustainability.


Other factors that went into determining what the coolest cities in North America were how many record stores a city has, the number of microbreweries, and tattoo studios were a factor, vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and the number of thrift stores a city has. Tourism was another factor but I'm guessing a few personal opinions got in here as well.

What City in Michigan is One of the Coolest?


Only one city in Michigan can have the crown of coolest city but before we celebrate this city, it came in at number 29 on a list of 40 across North America.


West Michigan's own Grand Rapids has been awarded the title of the coolest city in Michigan. Beer City USA has done it again with all the award-winning craft beer and its brewery scene, along with the city's amazing amount of culture and diversity, and dedication to art. The nightlife includes some of the top concert venues in the world with some of the biggest stars. The city's commitment to going green. The outdoor life with all the parks, the Grand River, and being close to Lake Michigan makes the number of adventures endless in Grand Rapids.

Top 40 Cities in North America


Below is a list of the top 40 cities in North America in case you would like to make a road trip or happen to be in one of these areas and decide you want to explore.

  1. Portland
  2. New York City
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Seattle
  5. Toronto
  6. Philadelphia
  7. Montreal
  8. Austin
  9. Calgary
  10. Vancouver
  11. Edmonton
  12. Atlanta
  13. Las Vegas
  14. Orlando
  15. Vancouver
  16. Hamilton
  17. Ottawa
  18. Cincinnati
  19. Tampa
  20. Milwaukee
  21. Tuscon
  22. St. Catharines
  23. Albuquerque
  24. Richmond
  25. Knoxville
  26. Tacoma
  27. Salt Lake City
  28. Oshawa
  29. Grand Rapids
  30. Madison
  31. Rochester
  32. Santa Rosa
  33. Omaha
  34. Durham - Chapel Hill
  35. Halifax
  36. Boise
  37. Reno
  38. Spokane
  39. Winnipeg
  40. Kitchener

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