Last night, my sister and I watched Netflix's latest documentary phenomenon "Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult", a 3 part documentary that focuses on the Wilking family from Detroit, Michigan, and other former members of 7M/the Shekinah Church. The documentary has sat in the Top 10 TV shows on the streamer since its release.


If you haven't seen the documentary, I'll quickly summarize what you need to know. The Wilking Sisters, comprised of sisters Miranda and Melanie, moved to LA to pursue a dance career. But daughter/sister Miranda Wilking, now Miranda Derrick, cut ties with the family after joining the suspicious 7M Management Company/Shekinah Church/potential cult run by Pastor Robert Shinn.



7M supplied a group of TikTok influencers/dancers with plenty of business and videography opportunities in exchange for joining his church and paying a majority of their income back to the church. 7M has denied all claims made against them.



Since the release of the documentary, current members have apparently been under fire from the general public, according to Miranda Derrick herself. She posted a response video on TikTok describing the death threats, stalking, and hate she has gotten since the documentary was released, which can be viewed below.


Melanie Wilking, who was instrumental in creating the documentary, has since appeared on People to denounce the threats being made against her sister but believes Miranda's response is still being controlled by Shinn and his Church.

I think from her statement, it's very clear that she did not watch the documentary because if she did, she would know that it's so much bigger than just our family situation and it goes deeper, 25 plus years of Robert controlling these people


Shinn is facing a lawsuit from former members which is expected to go to trial in 2025.


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