When it comes to delicious chicken wings, Michigan has no shortage of options.

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From classic flavors to unique twists, there are plenty of restaurants in the state that serve up mouthwatering wings.

One Michigan restaurant, in particular, has gained a reputation for serving the best chicken wings in the entire state.


Before we see the experts pick for the best chicken wings in Michigan let's check out some other popular places that serve up some tasty chicken wings.

These Are Some Popular Wing Places That Michiganders Love

Everyone is going to have a personal favorite when it comes to chicken wing places, I'd love for you to share yours by sending me an email.

Sweetwater Tavern in Detroit

Blue Tractor Cook Shop in Traverse City and Ann Arbor

Rockford Brewing Company in Rockford

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Food Experts Say This Is Who Makes The Best Chicken Wings In Michigan

According to a list compiled by Tasting Table, the best chicken wings in Michigan are the original Doozy dry rub boneless wings served at Wing Doozy located in Wyoming and Hudsonville.

Here's what Tasting Table had to say about the restaurant that serves the best chicken wings in Michigan

"West Michigan's Wing Doozy prides itself on serving fresh, generously-sized wings with all of the traditional fixins, but if you want to opt for something outside the wing box, try the boneless bites. Wing Doozy's boneless wings are 100% white meat chicken breast and coated with the same beautiful blend of spices and sauces that you can get with the traditional wings. While some wing connoisseurs will scoff at the idea of boneless wings, Wing Doozy does them right by making sure that the flavor is on point."





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