LEGO building bricks have been exciting kids and adults alike since 1958. They're fun, colorful and come in sets that can be easy for little ones, or complicated for adults who just love to play with toys in their free time.

LEGO® Store: The Musical & LEGO® Store Fifth Ave Premiere
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While you can buy LEGO bricks and kits at so many stores across West Michigan, most of the places you check out have the same kits. In order to get some of the more custom or specialty kits, you have to head to an official LEGO store. And until recently, if you wanted to do that you needed to take a road trip to either Chicago or Detroit to their official LEGO stores.

Starting this summer, you'll be able to stay in West Michigan and find some of those rarer kits. In a social media post earlier this week, The Woodland Mall announced that the LEGO store would be coming to Grand Rapids later in the year.

While the post didn't list a specific date for the store to open, they say it should be ready to shop sometime in Summer 2024, so it appears we aren't far away from having a more unique LEGO selection available to us. We don't have an exact date for the opening, but Mall Officials say they'll share more when they're able.

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Grand Rapids does currently have a LEGO brick reseller called Bricks and Minifigs, and when people in the comments asked if it would effect their business, they were happy to see another friend coming to town:

Can't wait to see the LEGO community grow in 2024 with the addition of an official LEGO store in West Michigan.

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Who among us hasn't played with a LEGO or two at some point in our lives? While we may have built some cool houses or sweet cars, most of us weren't working out complete pieces of art using millions of LEGO bricks.
Luckily one amazing artist was and his works are coming to Boston. Here's what you can expect to find at The Art of the Brick this fall.

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