It's almost time for some much-needed spring cleaning. Maybe your annual effort to clean up and clean out the house involves bagging up the things you no longer need and donating it to those who could make better use of them.

Of course, maybe you're like me and appreciate a trip to the thrift store to see what goodies you can find for pennies on the dollar and want to conjure some good karma for your finds by donating some of your own items.

Whatever the reason or cause, donating to your local thrift stores is a great way to give back to the community. Of course, one of the more popular ways to do so is through a Goodwill store.

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Most people know the things you can donate to Goodwill stores - clothes, shoes, books, toys, knickknacks - the basic stuff. However, what can't be donated can be a little murky.

Take Goodwill stores in Michigan, for example. Goodwills in Michigan are regionally operated - each having their own websites and guidelines that differ from one another. Michigan has seven regions for Goodwills, so it can get a little tricky to know what your local Goodwill is not willing or able to accept as a donation.

This link will direct you to a list of the Michigan Goodwill websites, to check on specific questions or see how else you can help support your community through Goodwill.

Some Goodwill regions specify things they won't accept, such as halogen lamps - only Southwestern (Kalamazoo) and Western (Greater Grand Rapids) Goodwills specify this. So, for example, if you're donating a halogen lamp in Detroit, you may want to call ahead and check if your store will accept it.

Below, however, is a list of 13 items that are mentioned by each Michigan Goodwill website as items they will not accept as a donation, or seem to follow the trends of Goodwill's typical donation policies.

13 Items Michigan Goodwills Will Not Accepts As Donation

These items are generally not accepted by Michigan's Goodwill stores.

You should always check with your local Goodwill, as some items may differ from the list or special exceptions could be made in some categories. Click here to find your local Michigan Goodwill's website.

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