Buying a home is a monumental milestone in life. While I'll clump myself into the cell of millennials that feel buying a home is a luxury I'm not sure I'll ever experience, the thought is nice. Who knows, maybe one day.

Still, buying a home in Michigan and settling down in the Mitten State is a more welcoming idea than other states I've lived in. There are a number of cities I've visited or written about here across the state that sound like they'd make for awesome places to call home.

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But which ones should prospective first-time home buyers keep the closest eyes on?

WalletHub put together a list of the 300 best and worst cities for first-time home buyers across the country and nine Michigan cities made the list at varying degrees. Now none of the Mitten State's cities came in at any astounding number high or low. Apparently when it comes to first-time home buying, Michigan is rather comfortably average.

WalletHub ranked these 300 cities by looking at a number of factors, including market attractiveness, affordability and quality of life

We'll look at each city from lowest ranking to highest.

In my mind, I don't think that even the 250th lowest-ranking city on this list is actually a bad place to buy a home. Considering the number of cities overall in the country and the overwhelming number of cities that aren't included on these kinds of lists, we won't be taking an angle to call any of these cities the worst place for first-time home buyers.

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