Okay, look, I know this whole thing is silly so just bear with me here. According to a recent study, the Avengers Tower is in the wrong city and the state of Michigan desperately needs a superhero.

A recent study (seriously) by American Fidelity took the time to measure which cities in the United States are best suited and most in need of a superhero. New York City landed at No. 8 while Washington D.C. ranked No. 1.

Now, if you know your superheroes, you know politics and superheroes don't mix well. If Avengers Tower is standing tall next to the Washington Monument, people are going to have issues with that.

So, why not go to the No. 2 city instead?

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According to the study, Detroit is the No. 2 city most in need of a superhero. Unsurprisingly, this is because of crime rates. Detroit only lost out to Washington D.C. in the category of "public demand" which included factors like crime index, violent crime rate, percentage of unsolved crimes, and number of law enforcement.

Detroit also scored high for public interest which measured the number of comic book stores, related internet search analytics and the population of children ages 14 and under. Detroit was the No. 4 city in this category, two spots behind the other Michigan city to make the list, Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids was the No. 4 city most in need of a superhero, which ranked the city higher than the likes of Seattle, San Francisco, New York City and Baltimore. Strangely enough, Grand Rapids only scored highly in the public interest category.

That said, superheroes in comics - great. Superheroes in reality? Bad idea. Watch a show called The Boys on Amazon Prime if you haven't yet. You'll see what I mean.

No, Detroit can stick to its comic book heroes and villains from the past including Firestorm and Deathlok.

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