When we go off to college, we are hoping a specialized education will give us greater career opportunities. But it's also often our first chance to live alone and enjoy some personal freedoms.

While a ragin' party atmosphere isn't a must, it certainly doesn't hurt.

But hey, not every school has the location or the popularity or maybe has strict rules to prevent a "party school" reputation. Maybe sports can help.

Sports are a reliable way to get out and socialize, share passions with those around you, and just be loud for the sake of it. But, not every school has successful athletics.

Not many college students are lining up to watch their alma mater get smacked by the cross-state rival yet again, especially across every sport.

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No parties and bad sports programs can make for a pretty boring college experience on the surface.

Barstool Sports posted a graph of many Division I schools across the country and a few Michigan schools came out looking fairly rough.

In that bottom left quadrant amongst the worst party schools and worst athletic programs sits Central Michigan University.

The Chippewas aren't getting up to much in Mount Pleasant. Hit the books and then the hay because the party atmosphere is dry and none of the Chippewa sports programs have done much.

The football team hasn't won a MAC Championship since 2009 and the basketball team hasn't won an NCAA Tournament game since 2003. The softball team hasn't tasted national success since 1987.

Yes, the most recent athletic success for CMU was in 2018 when the women's basketball team reached the Sweet Sixteen.

CMU is fairly consistently ranked as the fourth-best party school in the state, though its national ranking is outside of the top 100, according to Niche.

Of course, seeing Central Michigan as the most boring school in the state is one way of looking at things, but it may not be totally accurate.

Western Michigan and Eastern Michigan were both left off of the graph. Now, WMU is both a better party school according to Niche, and, objectively, the better sports school. On the other hand, EMU is easily the opposite of a party school and athletics have been a struggle outside of basketball and a recent surge in football when it comes to the primary sports.

So, whether it's worse to be acknowledged as boring or forgotten entirely is up to your discretion.

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