The rich sure are getting richer. So rich, Forbes put out a list of American families who are richer than the rest.

The list, released in February 2024, is called the Decabillionare Dynasties and features the 45 richest families in the country. All of these families have a net worth of $10 billion or more.

Some famous families, like the Kennedys and Gettys, didn't make the cut. But one family based in Southwest Michigan did - The Stryker family.

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The Strykers, according to Forbes, are worth $15.9 billion between its 11 members, making them the 27th richest family in America. The Stryker company, a manufacturer of medical equipment and orthopedic implants founded by orthopedic surgeon Homer Stryker in 1941, is worth nearly $130.21 billion according to MacroTrends.

The Stryker family is based in Kalamazoo and is fronted by Ronda Stryker, the matriarch of the Stryker family and granddaughter of the company's founder. Ronda is the richest woman in Michigan with a net worth of $7.9 billion, a full billion more than the net worth that landed her the No. 334 spot on the Forbes Billionaire's list last year. She's one of six billionaires living in Michigan, making her home in Portage.

Her siblings, Jon and Pat, both contribute to the net worth of the family in their own right.

Jon is worth $5.2 billion today, nearly a full billion more than the net worth that landed him at No. 636 on the Forbes Billionaire's list. Jon does have a stake in the Stryker company, but he doesn't work there nor does he live in Michigan. Instead, John lives in New York City working as the president of Arcus Foundation, a company he founded that supports the advancement of LGBTQ+ human rights and the conservation of great apes, according to his Forbes profile.

Pat also holds a stake in Stryker but calls Colorado home with her philanthropic business at Bohemian Foundation, which she founded. Pat is worth $3.8 billion today, landing near the back end of the Forbes 400 and the Billionaire's List in 2023. Still, her charity work is rather commendable, having donated millions to disaster relief and other social causes.

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