"He need some MILK!"

Sorry, just so you know, if you ever decide to brawl out in a Waffle House or a McDonalds, I will 100% pull my phone out, and quote out of date vine and TikTok references.

Did You See East Lansing Police Storm This McDonalds?

You can only imagine how busy the restaurants are in East Lansing, especially when the college students are on campus.

However, if you were at McDonald's earlier this week, you may or may not have seen this McDonalds stormed by East Lansing law enforcement.

kaleah.valera via TikTok
kaleah.valera via TikTok

According to WLNS, Police in East Lansing swarmed the location due to a false gun threat.

But, we didn't see it on the local news first, we saw it on TikTok view, and this video is going viral!

East Lansing McDonalds Goes Viral On TikTok

This is bad reputations, espeacilly considering the trouble East Lansing has seen over the past year.

A video on TikTok though got a ton of views, and their order, right after the police were done apprehending the perp.

kaleah.valera via TikTok
kaleah.valera via TikTok

Take a look at the video below:

@kaleah.valera #eastlansing ♬ original sound - Kaleah

All jokes aside, this was very clearly a terrifying experience for the girls in the car, however, they caught the entire event unfold right in front of them.

The EL Law enforcement allowed the girls in the drive through line, who were waiting for their food, to pull over into a parking spot and wait for it to come out.

I'm sure the staff was very shaken up after this event.

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