A year ago when the NFL announced Detroit would host its 2024 draft, I laughed. Then I piled on and ridiculed the choice.

"Oh great, can't wait to show off District Detroit's myriad empty parking lots to people from all over the country!"

"NFL fans will love the Motor City's pervasive feeling of crippling economic depression, not to mention the cold, grey hellscape we enjoy for nine months each year!"

"Think of all the big-name celebrities we can roll out who are totally relevant today and not at all coasting on achievements from decades gone by, like Kid Rock, Bob Seger, Tim Allen, and Michael Moore!"

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I don't regret those quips, because they're all true. But I do regret dismissing Detroit as the worst-possible choice of an NFL Draft host city.

Because that is demonstrably false now that the league has officially selected Green Bay, Wisconsin to host its 2025 draft. Even I know Green Bay has no business hosting an event of this magnitude, and I'm a cheesehead!

Green Bay is the NFL's smallest city, and it ain't close. Its population is about 107,000, which would make it the eighth-largest if it were in Michigan. Cities like Lansing and Dearborn are bigger than Green Bay. Could you imagine the NFL putting the draft in either of those towns? Of course you can't, because you have a functioning brain and are capable of at least the most rudimentary of spacial analysis, which indicates to you that a city of that size simply cannot accommodate an event that just attracted 300,000 people.

Sure, those Ilitch-owned parking lots and the creeping blight may embarrass Detroit when it hosts the NFL Draft in 2024. But the Motor City will only have to live with that shame for a year, because the 2025 edition has the potential to be an indelible disaster.

Detroit, I was wrong for calling you the worst place to put the NFL Draft, and I'm sorry for that. But not as sorry as the NFL will be when all of Green Bay has run out of beer and cheese curds by the time the 10th pick is made in 2025.

Why Green Bay Has No Business Hosting The NFL Draft

The 2025 NFL Draft will take place in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

And you thought Detroit was a bad fit! Just wait.

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