People are freaking out about a new regulation of refrigerators and they couldn't be more wrong.

Just before the end of 2023 the Biden Administration and the Department of Energy announced new regulations on dangerous refrigerants.  What does this mean for Michiganders?  For starters, we're going to save lots of money.  Oh yeah, it will also help in the fight against man-made climate change.  The Department of Energy and Bloomberg Law published an eye-opening estimate,

The new standards for those energy-guzzling consumer appliances, which haven’t been updated in over a decade, will save consumers $36.4 billion over 30 years of shipments.

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The Department of Energy estimates that millions of American homes will see energy savings ranging from 10 - 15% with an annual reduction of an estimated 101 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Like many climate change initiatives, the United States is way behind on this one.  Many countries banned these old refrigerants a long time ago because they are so incredibly bad for the Ozone.  Just how bad can this gas be for the planet? The Australian government compared an old fridge to a car and the comparison will melt your brain,

In fact, one kilogram of refrigerant R410a has the same greenhouse impact as 2 tons of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of running your car for 6 months.

Appliance manufacturers on very much on board.  However, Republicans have attempted to make this a political talking point about Biden taking away freedom which is super difficult to understand.  To be clear, these regulations will save consumers money while eliminating millions of tons of carbon dioxide.  Get more info on this new regulation by clicking here.


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