From Kalamazoo to Albion and Detroit, there is a surprising number of hidden tunnel systems throughout Michigan.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend exploring abandoned areas as they could be unsafe.  We also do not encourage anyone to trespass onto private property.
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The fact that the mitten state has so many tunnels is fascinating.  Some of them are for private business or personal use while others are completely abandoned.

Tunnels in Kalamazoo

A pair of self-proclaimed Paranormal Investigators/Urban Explorers that go by Ghost-N on YouTube and Facebook posted a breathtaking video of a hidden tunnel system in Kalamazoo back in 2020.  It's unclear where the entrance is, but I'm wondering if this is part of the tunnel between the old State Hospital and the Oakland Drive campus.

Hidden Tunnel in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Ghost-N on YouTube

There are rumors of tunnels connecting dozens of buildings in the Vine neighborhood as well as tunnels connecting the Nazareth buildings.  Back in the day people allegedly used tunnels to get around due to lack of snow removal in the winter months.  Most of these tunnels have been destroyed.

Hidden Tunnels in Kalamazoo
Ghost-N on YouTube

Tunnels in Grand Rapids

There is a small tunnel system in Grand Rapids that was created in the 1960s that connects hotels and office buildings according to MLive.

Tunnels near Albion

As new highway systems were created back in the day tunnels became necessary.  Highways split up farmland or made it difficult for pedestrians to walk to work or school.  There are very few of these old pedestrian tunnels under highways left as they are likely unsafe after many decades of neglect.  The ones that do exist like this one near Albion are bolted shut.

Tunnel under highway near Albion
photo courtesy of Steve Mills

Tunnels in Detroit

Back in the 1920s, Detroit had a massive issue on its hands.  Pedestrians were getting stuck by vehicles in large numbers.  Nearly 100 children were killed in 1924 alone.  A substantial pedestrian tunnel system was created in the 1920s to dramatically cut down the number of injuries and deaths due to vehicles striking people, and it worked.  This tunnel system is no longer active.

Detroit abandoned pedestrian tunnel entrance
Google Maps

Did you know that Michigan is home to the first tunnels in the world to connect countries?  Click here for the full story.

The Tunnels of Michigan

What Lies Beneath: $8.7M Historic Saugatuck Estate with Mysterious Tunnels

Nestled amid the picturesque landscapes of Saugatuck, Michigan, a house holds secrets beneath its very foundations. Subtle conveniences or hidden questionable past? Whatever it is, this place is truly unique. Currently on the market for $8,750,000,it looks like any other home in suburban Michigan. Described as one of Saugatuck's most prestigious and historic properties, referred to as ''Riverside" the estate offers four bedrooms and 5 bathrooms inside its 5000 square feet of living space.
What is mysterious is the tunnels underneath the property leading to a studio featuring a bank vault office. Rumors swirl it was one used during prohibition, and others that is was a hideout for the mob. Take a look inside.

Gallery Credit: Zillow