Malls are closing all over the country, making room for complexes, housing, name it...but the malls are disappearing.

One that closed permanently on July 1, 2024 was the Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights. Why did it close? The main reason why other malls have closed: shoppers favoring online and other convenient places to shop...not to mention there have always been complaints about mall prices ever since they began.

So now what happens to the Lakeside? Just sit and rot?

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First, it will be destroyed, except for a couple of flagship stores. Plans are in the works to turn the land into the Lakeside Town Center with apartments, community center, food and beverage spaces, hotel, housing, offices, parks, recreation area, restaurants, retail shops, and trails for biking and walking. It will cost about one billion bucks.

These plans are to be initiated when they have their groundbreaking in late 2025.

Images of Lakeside Mall were captured recently, and you can see the deadness of the place, even with a person or two seen in the background. Check out the gallery below.

Lakeside Mall, Closed Permanently: Sterling Heights


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