Michigan has a good share of windy days…not as bad as Florida, thank goodness, but we have our moments. Heavy windy days have so far knocked down two big trees in my yard and huge branches off other ones, blocking the driveway and the street. So, yeah, we know all about wind here.

Which raises a curious question: just what are Michigan’s windiest cities and towns?

Dry Michigan did some research and narrowed down a list of the windiest cities and towns in Michigan, based on places with populations of 6,000 or more.

The top 10 cities in Michigan for the highest average wind speed are:

Michigan's Windiest Cities

Okay, 10 mile per hour wind averages, are fine and dandy, but who comes out on top during windy thunderstorms? According to Dry Michigan, “Michigan averages 30 days of thunderstorm activity annually. Tornadoes are all too common along the southern border, averaging 17 per year.”

The Top Five Windiest Michigan Places during thunderstorms are:
Forest Dunes, Van Buren County
Hisula, Houghton County
Pequaming, Baraga County
Zeba, Baraga County
Crystal Falls, Iron County

Even though my area isn’t anywhere on the list, I don’t have many trees left to be blown down anyway!

If you want to see the complete lists as well as some other Michigan wind info, you can check it all out here.


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