Michigan residents tend to be friendly. When it comes to friendliest cities in the United States, Michigan doesn't rank so well. Michigan has one city that ranks in the Top 50 friendliest cities in the U.S.

We live in Michigan, we get comfortable and complacent. Things that we get used to we accept as normal behavior and it's not awesome. Letting people into a lane of traffic takes 5 seconds to do yet most Michiganders don't oblige. When heading out for a fun night around town, Michiganders are pretty friendly and it's easy to meet new people. We can be friendly and selfish in Michigan.

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Traveling out of Michigan can give you perspective, how do residents act in other states? Chicago is hit or miss, it depends on the time of day and any day ending in Y. Chicago can get chippy. When I went to Los Angeles a month ago I thought that everyone was kind, friendly and very polite. New York City is another breed, it's fast paced and if you act like you've been there before you should be good to go.

The only city ranked in the survey by Enjoy Travel between Chicago, L.A., and New York was Chicago. Chicago ranked 9th:

Chicago is in the heart of the Midwest, with super friendly locals. It is known for being one of America’s most tourist-friendly cities, knocking NYC out of the water. It has a reputation for being dangerous, but people here are some of the nicest in the States.

What City in Michigan Ranks Top 50 of Friendliest in U.S.?

Detroit has come a long way over the years and it looks awesome downtown. The landscape has changed in the D and folks are friendly but not friendly enough to rank in the Top 50.

Coming in ranked at #28 of top 50 Friendliest Cities in U.S. is Grand Rapids, Michigan:

In general, people here have a good sense of humour and are easy-going with Midwest politeness. The city is a melting pot of people from all over the state and country, which is a real highlight.

via TSM Grand Rapids
via TSM Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is always fun and I've had great experiences in G.R. There might be some entitlement issues but overall Grand Rapids is a friendly town. Too bad more cities in Michigan aren't ranked.

Haunted Michigan Bell, Grand Rapids