Supermarkets are where Michiganders go to stock up on food and supplies for the family. We have plenty of supermarket options in Michigan, some are better than others. Did you know that the worst supermarket in the United States has multiple locations right here in Michigan?

When I go shopping, I look for food that the family likes. We don't eat a lot of processed foods. Fresh is where it's at. I can also appreciate the fast service, prices and cleanliness of the supermarket. I've been to some stores that reek of urine and rotten meat, there's no way I am buying products there and will not be back.

Why do shoppers change supermarkets?

Forum Daily says:

three out of ten shoppers changed supermarkets because of poor choices, long lines at the box office, terrible food or dirt.

Lengthy lines of self scan checkout are ridiculous. Open up your cashier lanes along with the self scanlanes you billion dollar coporate supermarket monsters!

It's cool to see cashier lanes open at local mom and pop supermarkets, sadly big corporate supermarket chains are squashing them.

What Supermarket in Michigan is also ranked worst in America?

Most shoppers share the same interests when going to the supermarket.

among more than 50 000 respondents. Supermarket buyers appreciate quality products, fresh meat, fast service, decent prices and overall store cleanliness.

Thankfully most of the worst supermarket chains in America don't have a store in Michigan.

15. Lucky has stores located in California and rated 73 from 100.

14. Vons has locations in California and Nevada, it rated 73 from 100. There is a location in Lansing at 3434 Pleasant Grove Rd, Lansing, MI 48910.

13. Price Chopper has stores in the Northeast and rated 73 from 100.

12. Giant Eagle can be found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and Maryland and rated 73 from 100.

11. Winn-Dixie is a southern chain with locations in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and Mississippi they rated 73 from 100.

10. Martin's are located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia and they rated 73 from 100.

9. Giant is located in Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia and rated 72 from 100.

8. Jewel-Osco is located in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana and rated 72 from 100.

7. Pick 'n Save has locations in Wisconsin and rated 71 from 100.

6. Safeway has locations in the Western and Central USA and rated 71 from 100.

5. Acme has supermarkets in the Delaware Valley and Central New York and rated 70 from 100.

4. Stop & Shop has locations in the Northeast USA. and rated 69 from 100.

3. Shaw's is located in New England and rated 68 from 100. I hear a lot about Shaw's whenever I am listening to a Boston Red Sox game on the radio.

2. Tops Friendly Markets has locations in New York, PA, Massachusetts and Vermont and rated 68 from 100.

The worst supermarket in America and has multiple locations is..........

Wolterk/Getty Images
Wolterk/Getty Images

Walmart Supercenter

These supercenters are located throughout the United States. They rated 66 from 100. There are 95 Walmart stores in Michigan. Here's the scoop on Walmart and why they rated so poorly.

Income Walmart is 485,9 billion dollars, the staff - 1,5 million people. It is the largest player in the retail market. However, buyers are still unhappy with the quality of services. For example, the level of cleanliness in stores, the attitude of the staff, the speed of service, the quality of meat products, as well as the range. The only category in which the network received a high score is the pricing policy.

Have fun shopping. I still like Walmart.


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