How well do you actually remember these now-closed bars in Flint?

Flint has definitely changed quite a bit over the years. Anyone 40 years old and above undoubtedly has different memories of nightlife than what we have today. Before the internet and cell phone apps, people actually had to go out to places to meet people.

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The nightlife scene was pretty amazing back in the day. A person could find a packed bar any night of the week throughout Genesee County. Karaoke nights. Dance nights. League nights. The possibilities were endless when it came to nighttime entertainment.

We're aware that this sounds like the ramblings of a bitter old man, but we are okay with that. Before the internet and cell phone apps, the world was a much different and sometimes much wilder place, and it was awesome.

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However, in a way, the internet ruined everything. Before apps like Tinder, we would have to go out and actually talk to people. We would spend hours at the bars and clubs just to get a phone number before heading to get breakfast at 2 am. Kids today just have to swipe on a few pictures, grab a case of Natty Light, and they are off to the races.

For those who were in the trenches with people like us back in the day, how well can you picture the old hot spots? We decided to test our memory on these local Genesee County hotspots and we were pleased with ourselves. Some of these places I remember exactly how they once were. Full disclosure though, there are a couple that I completely forgot how they looked until looking at the old photos.

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Below you'll find 21 very popular spots in Flint's history. I jumped on Google Maps and went back 10 or so years to see what they looked like. The quality of the cameras from 2008 and 2011 was pretty poor compared to today, so please forgive the grainy photos. Honestly, some of the fuzzy photos below match my fuzzy memories of those places. Also, keep in mind that all of these photos are mainly from the most recent and oldest photos that Google Maps had to offer. So some of the "now photos" may even look different today in 2023.

21 Now-Defunct Flint Night Clubs and Bars - Then & Now [PHOTOS]

How accurate are your memories of these historic bars and nightclubs in Flint history?

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