Aldi grocery stores are scattered throughout Genesee County, but notably absent from Davison. However, it seems that's about to change soon.

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The other day, while browsing the Davison Discussion Facebook Group page, I watched people go back and forth about whether or not Target was coming to Davison. One person chimed in, debunking the rumor, and then mentioned that an Aldi grocery store was going to be built.

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At first, it sounded like nothing more than someone adding fuel to the never-ending rumors circulating on social media. However, the gentleman was Tim Green, who serves as the Davison Township Treasurer and is on the Planning Commission. At that point, I knew his comments were legitimate.

Green stated that an Aldi store would be built in front of Menards. I'm assuming it's the area in front of Menards but behind Culver's.

Google Street View/Canva
Google Street View/Canva

Green also mentioned that a new tire business was going in behind the new Dairy Queen.

It's quite impressive to see how quickly that whole area in Davison Township is really coming to life with so many new businesses.

We also recently told you how Starbucks was coming to Davison Township, and that the new store is being built in front of Meijer, right next to Financial Plus.

It's unclear when Starbucks, the tire business, or Aldi will be ready for business. We're excited to see what other businesses are coming down the pipeline.

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