Genesee County's newest Aldi store is expected to open in Fenton in early 2024.

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The store was approved in August of 2022 and finally is getting closer to a grand opening.

If you are unfamiliar with Aldi, the store offers low prices on brand-name products and knock-off items. The store is known for its awesome seasonal selections, limited-time offers, fresh produce, and more.

One of the most important things you need to bring to any Aldi store you visit is a quarter. If you wish to use a cart while shopping at Aldi, you need a quarter. Not two dimes, and a nickel - one quarter.

You do get your quarter back when you return the cart. This is a smart way to be sure carts are not left in Aldi parking lots. I point this out only because it took me four trips to the Aldi in Grand Blanc to figure out how to get a cart. You are welcome.

So when exactly will the new Aldi in Fenton be opening? If posts on social media are correct, the highly anticipated store will open in January.

Two particular dates are being mentioned, January 11th, or possibly January 24th. We are just targeting a January 2024 date period.

Once an official opening date has been announced, we will update this article. Until then, the countdown is on.

Fenton Aldi is hiring, if you are interested in applying for a job - click here for details.

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