UPDATED: On Wednesday evening (4/12/23) the man was taken into custody with no harm to himself or officers.

There is currently a police situation at the Walmart located in Owosso.

We don't have a lot of details at the moment but from what we understand, there is an alleged suicide threat in the parking lot of Walmart in Owosso.

According to The Argus-Press, Shiawassee County Sheriff Doug Chapman just said the incident started with an alleged suicide threat, and the suspect then drove his truck to the Walmart’s parking lot. A perimeter was set up, and nearby businesses have been notified of the situation.

The situation is happening in the parking lot NOT in the store as some have suggested on social media. The subject is in his vehicle and heavily armed police have him surrounded.

Reports claim that the subject has not surrendered and the situation is ongoing. Please avoid the area.

We'll update the information as it becomes available.

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