A 12-year-old kid from Ann Arbor is facing serious consequences after he stole a forklift and led police on an hour-long chase —though we use the term 'chase' loosely, as he was only going 15-20 mph.

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According to Click on Detroit, the 12-year-old boy stole a construction vehicle, specifically a Construction Genie GTH-636 Telehandler equipped with a forklift, from outside Forsyth Middle School.

This kid noticed that the construction forklift was unlocked and the keys were poorly hidden, so he hopped in and fired it up.

With not a care in the world, the 12-year-old drove all over with police following closely behind.

Click on Detroit:

Without activating any headlights, the child reportedly led Ann Arbor police north on Nixon Road until he left city limits. That’s when deputies with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office took over the pursuit, which continued until the boy stopped in the area of Gotfredson Road and M-14 in Plymouth.


Was Anyone Injured?

Luckily no one was injured. However, the boy did blast into roughly 10 parked vehicles.

Due to the fact that he's a minor, police aren't releasing his information. However, he was taken into custody at about 7:53 p.m. He was locked up at the juvenile detention center.

It's unclear what his punishment will be at this point.

You can watch the video below which shows about 30 minutes of what must have been one of the slowest chases in police history.

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