Another Flint icon is now gone.

Capitol Coney Island and the corner of Bristol and Van Slyke is officially now more. For many people, this establishment holds so many memories of good times of the past. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.

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A Flint staple of late-night dining has officially been demolished. Genesee County residents that spent nights out around town back in the day more than likely had a meal at Capitol Coney Island in Flint. Those meals are officially nothing but a memory.

It really is a sad day. After leaving work, I happened to drive by Capitol Coney Island, on the corner of Bristol and Van Slyke. I have to say that I was a little bummed at what I saw. That corner is now demolished and will never be the same.

It was made known in January of 2023 that Capitol Coney Island was going to close for good. The property was purchased by General Motors and was said that it was going to be used for offices.

No matter what that plot of land turns into, many people will remember that spot for a great diner to stop at after a fun night of drinking with friends. I can't even begin to count the number of times I ended up at Capitol Coney Island with friends after a great night. There was just something about their Flint-style coney omelets that were so comforting.

It's a tough world to live in if you are my age. All of our comfort foods, hangouts, and things we cling to are going away quickly!!!

It's a Sad Day. Capitol Coney Island in Flint Has Been Demolished

Another blow to the heritage and fun life of Flint!