If there's one thing people in Grand Blanc like to do, it's complain. If you're part of any of the Grand Blanc residents groups on Facebook, you know exactly what I'm talking about. In all fairness, that's pretty much what everyone does on every city's group page.

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While most of the traffic discussions lead to people complaining about roundabouts, from time to time, you'll see residents raising concerns about the dangerous intersections in the area.

Earlier this week, the Grand Blanc Township Police Department shared some traffic safety information regarding crash-prone areas that residents should know about.

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The Grand Blanc Township Police Department said they responded to 800 traffic accidents last year. They also pointed out that accidents are preventable and are usually caused by at-fault drivers. 

Our goal is to reduce crashes, providing safety for all those who live, work, and travel in Grand Blanc Township.

They also pointed out the hot spots for residents to use extra caution.

These Are the Most Crash-Prone Areas in Grand Blanc Township

There are places in Grand Blanc Township where the risk of traffic collisions is elevated.

1- Hill & Saginaw
2- Hill & Fenton
3- Dort & Grand Blanc
4- Dort & Hill
5- Holly & Baldwin
6- Dort & Maple
7- Saginaw & Baldwin
8- Hill & Center
9- Grand Blanc & Fenton
You can expect a strong police presence at those intersections.
While I've never had any issues (knock on wood) while driving through any of the intersections mentioned above, I do understand why Hill and Fenton are on the list. I've witnessed so many close-call accidents there.

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