A Davison High School student was suspended last week after a violent interaction with another student.

A jaw-dropping video that was taken on a Davison school bus back on October 19 has been making its rounds on social media.

The video shows a girl leaning over and talking to a boy that is sitting in his seat. Then all of sudden she brings her leg up and kicks the boy in the head. She kicked him so hard that his head went through the bus window. It looked as if his head bounced off the window but the glass was totally busted out.

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From what I understand, the girl is in high school while the boy is only a middle school student.

My son brought the incident to my attention late last week. I didn't believe him at first because it was something that had happened at a different school than where he goes. I just figured he was full of it or it was simply a rumor. Then he showed me the video and I was shocked.

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Davison Township police were investigating the incident last week but it's unclear where they're at with the situation. It's also unclear what prompted this girl to react the way that she did. Obviously, something led up to the moment that she kicked him.

Hopefully, the boy wasn't seriously hurt and the situation is resolved.

I didn't include the video in this post but you can watch part of the video that ABC 12 shared, here.

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