Detroit's own Faygo is now 115 years old.

Yes, you read that right. Faygo turned 115 years old on November 4th, 2022. That is an incredible accomplishment and it means a lot to Michiganders as the company got its start in Detroit. Congrats Faygo!

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For the most part, there are two types of people in Michigan. Those that love Faygo and those that don't admit that they love Faygo. Almost every person that has grown up in Michigan has definitely had their share of Faygo pop. It's a staple drink growing up in this state.

One of the best things about Faygo is the wide variety of flavors and most Michiganders have their favorite. Personally, my favorite is RedPop, followed closely by Rock & Rye. There is just something about those two flavors that are just oddly soothing to me on a hot summer day.

Of course, the other flavors are, for the most part, great as well. However, there are some that I just can't get behind and they have actually caused arguments between me and my friends. I'm sorry but Cotton Candy, Firework, and Vanilla Creme Soda need to be taken off the market. Fight me if you want, but it is true. One thing is for certain, Faygo flavors are definitely unique.

That begs the question though, what is your favorite flavor?

No matter your feelings on Faygo, it is awesome to see a Michigan-made business survive for 115 years. Here's to another 115 more...Cheers!

Source: Wikipedia

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