Even though summer doesn't technically end until September 23rd, Labor Day usually marks the end of the season for most Michigan families.

After the first Monday in September, most family vacations are over, and kids are back in school.

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It's also the time of year that we typically see temps dropping across the state of Michigan. Yes, fall is right around the corner.


So what does all this mean for beaches throughout the state?

Do Michigan Beaches Really Close After Labor Day?

Yes and no.

Most Michigan beaches are open year-round, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are open for swimming.

Beach season in Michigan is typically from Memorial weekend through Labor Day weekend. Beaches in Michigan usually shut down swimming for the season around Labor Day. This is a common practice for many beaches across the state.  However, specific closing dates can vary depending on factors such as weather conditions, local regulations, and the management of individual beach areas.

The best thing to do is simply check with local authorities or the management of the specific beach you're interested in going to and see if they're closed for the season or not.

It's hard to say what Michigan beaches will do next week following Labor Day weekend since things are going to be a bit on the toasty side. We're looking at temps in the 80s and 90s for the first part of the week, so Michigan beaches may be planning to stay open for swimming.

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