An injured German Shepherd was recently found in Shiawassee County and the police are looking to the public to help track down the dog's owner.

This isn't a case of a missing pet or something. It's a case of straight-up animal abuse as the dog was found with a severe throat wound. It's believed that the wound was caused by an ingrown collar.

An ingrown collar is usually found in dogs that are neglected and have outgrown their collars. The collar is not adjusted and it embeds itself in the neck. This usually leads to a severe infection.

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Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office:

The Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office is requesting investigative assistance in locating an owner of a German Shepherd breed dog that was located at the corner of Newburg rd and Scribner rd. In Shiawassee Twp. The dog was found to have a severe wound to the throat area. Vets have advised that the wound was presumably caused by an ingrown collar.
Police are looking for a faded silver Dodge Grand Caravan with a broken passenger headlight and a damaged passenger fender. The vehicle was seen in the area where the dog was found.
If anyone has information regarding ownership of this dog or vehicle, it is requested that they contact Shiawassee County Animal Control at (989) 743-2406. Vets have advised that the dog is at least a year old. The dog is currently in foster care and is being treated for the injuries that will require surgery. Shiawassee Humane Society is requesting donations to cover the cost of care for the dog.
A gentleman on Facebook claims that he is in the process of adopting the dog.

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