Located in Plainwell, Michigan is where you'll find Lake Doster Golf Club which recently fell victim to a senseless act of vandalism. Plainwell is about 20 minutes north of Kalamazoo.

Some lunatics on what was believed to be a 4-wheeler thought it would be a good idea to go on a joyride through the golf course this past weekend. They didn't just drive around, they ripped through and tore up the greens while doing donuts and driving erratically. The driver (or drivers) literally destroyed the golf course.

The damage was so brutal that it's estimated that they caused over $75,000 in damages. I say "they" because it's believed that it was two people on a 4-wheeler. At least that's what some people on social media are saying.

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Lake Doster Golf Club Facebook
Lake Doster Golf Club Facebook

Owners of Lake Doster Golf Club were so heartbroken and disgusted by what had happened that they filed a police report and are working to come up with a reward for anyone that can help identify and prosecute "the culprits."

Lake Doster Golf Club:

This has to stop!!!! This happened again on our golf course last Saturday night. Please private message us if you may know who did this. As of now it looks like we most likely may have to have temporary greens for next year with over $75,000 worth of damage to six and seven green! A police report has been filed and we are working to come up with a reward to anyone that can help us identify and prosecute the culprits!!! Please - any information helps!!

It's crazy to see how much damage these guys caused.

Behavior like this is disgusting and inexcusable. I hope they find the person or persons responsible.

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