Many Michiganders feel the need to hang items from their rearview mirrors including fuzzy dice, air fresheners, beads, and other things. While it may seem like no big deal, it could get you into trouble.

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If you've got a bunch of trinkets hanging from your rearview mirror, heads up, you could get a ticket.


Is It Illegal to Hang Things From Your Rearview Mirror in Michigan?

Michigan has regulations and guidelines advising against hanging items from the rearview mirror if they obstruct the driver's view. The law itself is vague but according to American Legal Publishing, it's not allowed.

No person shall drive a motor vehicle without having an unobstructed view to the rear of their vehicle by direct view or by mirror. Windshields in front of a driver shall be of a clear, transparent substance, free from cloudiness, moisture or vapor, and kept clear of snow, ice, rain, dirt or any dangling ornament or other suspended object, except as authorized by law, which in any way obstructs the vision of the driver of the vehicle.

Regardless of what you have hanging from your rearview mirror, that object gives the police the right to issue a ticket. However, it's unlikely that you'll get pulled over for nothing more than an air freshener hanging from your mirror.

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My son has so much garbage hanging from his rearview mirror that it's obstructing his view. I'm constantly telling him that he will get pulled over one of these days and get a ticket. I only say this to him because my parents drilled the same thing into my head for years. I didn't actually think it was true until now.

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