Some Michigan parents struggle when it comes to their child's behavior and how to discipline them. Is spanking going too far? Some people think so. But is it illegal?

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Before you start spanking your child with your hand or even worse, a paddle, know Michigan's law regarding the topic first.

Is It Illegal to Spank Your Child in Michigan?

This may come as a surprise to some people but spanking your child is not illegal in Michigan. It may be frowned upon in the eyes of many but it's not illegal.

Michigan law allows for reasonable corporal punishment of children by their parents or guardians, provided that it does not result in physical harm or injury.

So, basically, spanking with an open hand is legal in Michigan, but if the force is deemed to be excessive. Child Protective will more than likely get involved.


What States Are You Not Allowed to Spank Your Child?

Each state has its own definition of what is acceptable but it's legal in every state. According to Parent Map, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, you are allowed by law to use corporal punishment on your child as long as the form of punishment is reasonable and does not cause injury.

Can You Spank Your Child With a Paddle?

According to Michigan's Department of Human Services, it is illegal to use an object to hit a child. This could mean a paddle, a belt, a cooking spoon, a shoe, or any other object that could cause serious harm.

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