What do you do if you're on a trip and really need a nap to continue driving?

Seems like an odd question, but is it illegal to sleep in your own car in Michigan? Well, the short answer is for the most part no. However, there are certain situations where sleeping in your car can get you into some trouble.

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If you do find yourself in need of some rest, there are a few things you need to consider such as where and when you are parked along with local laws that may prohibit you from doing that. The best bet is to check with local law enforcement before you settle in for the night.

When taking a long trip, sometimes you need a nap to get the energy to continue the journey. The good news is that most states allow overnight parking at the rest stops on along the highway. Unless you are in Colorado, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Virginia, who do not allow sleeping at rest stops.

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While there is no outright national ban on sleeping in your car, again it comes down to the situation as to whether or not you can get in trouble with local law enforcement. Generally, campsites, Walmart parking lots, and highway rest stops are okay to catch some shut-eye in. When in doubt, reach out to the local police department.

When it comes to sleeping it off after a night of drinking, you can still get a DUI if the conditions are right. Passing out in the driver's seat with the car running in the parking lot of your local pub is definitely not something you should do. If you have to sleep it off, do it in the back seat with the keys nowhere near the ignition.

Again, the easiest thing to do is ask the local police department about the overnight parking and sleeping rules if you plan on getting some rest during your road trip. Even though I can find a direct law against it, I'm sure there are places where sleeping in your car can land you in some trouble.

Source: Windingroadtripper and sleepinsider

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