Sure it's fast, but that is a hefty price tag.

Currently, electric vehicle chargers are being installed on Belle Isle in Detroit. If you own an electric vehicle, these new state-of-the-art chargers will come with a pro and a con. The pro is that these chargers will charge your electric vehicle in 30 minutes. The con is that it will cost you around 50 bucks.

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The price may vary a little bit depending on the vehicle that you are charging, but you can expect to pay roughly one dollar per kilowatt-hour. These new chargers are being installed by Diatomic Energy and are expected to be open sometime in 2023.

In May, it was announced that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources would be installing charging stations at many state parks across the state. The average charger has a price tag between $15k and $30k. However, these new DC 5 fast chargers that are being installed on Belle Isle a close to half a million dollars.


After a simple google search, I found that on average, most drivers of electric vehicles can expect to get around 250 miles per full charge of their vehicle. Paying $50 to charge your vehicle seems a little steep to me. I drive a simple four-door sedan and it usually costs me between $40 to $60 to fill my tank, but I can get upwards of 400 miles to the tank.

I'm not opposed to electric vehicles in any way, but it is cheap for me in my current situation to drive the vehicle I have now. I have driven some electric vehicles though and they are a lot of fun to drive. They zip off the line with the quickness!

Source: Fox 2 Detroit

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