When you're a kid and you finally outgrow that annoying car seat, you want nothing more than to hop up in that front seat and feel like a grown-up. However, your child may not be ready depending on their age, height, and weight.

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No parent should ever be in a hurry to have their child sit in the front seat. While it might be fun having them up front sitting next to you, it's not the safest decision.

Most cars have airbags up front, which are designed to keep passengers safe in case of a collision, but they can pose a significant risk to children if deployed. An airbag can seriously hurt kids who are under 13.

When Can Kids Legally Ride in the Front Seat in Michigan?

According to Michigan Law, children who are between the ages of 4 and 8 are allowed to ride in the front seat as long as they are in the proper car or booster seat for their age and height.

Kids who are at least 8 years old or at least 4’ 9″ inches tall may ride in the front seat of a car.  However, The National Safety Council states kids should ride in a booster until they're at least 9 years old and at least 4 feet 9 inches tall and 80 lbs.

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Again, don't be in a hurry to allow your kids to sit in the front seat of your vehicle, they may not be ready.

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