This Lansing, MI home for sale definitely has some "unique" bathrooms.

When shopping for a house, sometimes home buyers run into some weird things. Thanks to websites like Zillow and Redfin, everyone has a chance to see the weird side of these homes. This Lansing home definitely makes it on the list of weird things to see while house hunting.

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On the market for just $55,000, this Lansing home would be a good fixer-upper or investment property for the right buyer. However, that buyer would have to rethink some of the previous owner's choices such as the toilet in a closet covered in cat photos. There is also a creepy toilet and shower in the basement as well.

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I have never been so sure that a house has been used as a supervillain's murder lair and/or opium den. When you first walk into this three-bedroom, two-bathroom home you are immediately greeted with a very creepy site. According to the listing, it is the "emergency toilet" which is located in the front foyer. It is basically a toilet in a closet and the walls of the closet are covered in cat photos.

As you go through the rest of the house, it seems like the typical fixer-upper. That is until you get to the basement. Most unfinished basements can be a little creepy, but this one goes the extra mile with what I would call a "dungeon toilet." The basement itself seems like the perfect setup for a Saw movie.

Check it all out for yourself below.

Source: Zillow and Redfin

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