A Tik Tok user from Lansing claims that she found feces in the wrapper of a sandwich she ordered from Subway.

TikToker @Kelscoyne recently posted a video to try and grab the attention of Subway after she found poop wrapped up in her Subway sandwich.

In the video below, she explains that she was embarrassed that she was using Tik Tok to try and fix her situation but felt it was the best way to reach a large company like Subway.

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So, What Happened?

The woman claims that she went into a Lansing Subway recently and had "a kind of weird interaction" with what we're assuming was an employee while placing her order. She didn't elaborate on what happened there.

She went to the parking lot to eat the sub in her car and as she started to eat she noticed an awful smell. She thought the parking lot smelled like sewage or something so, after one bite of her sandwich, she wrapped it back up and took it home to eat.

While at home, she went to take a bit and she smelled the exact same sewage smell from the parking lot. That's when she noticed there was poop in between the wrappers of the sandwich.

She didn't know if the feces came from a human or a dog but the police took a swab of it to figure that out. She also mentioned that the health department got involved as well.

@kelscoyne don’t eat at @subway ♬ original sound - kels
She said that she tried to reach out to Subway but at the time the video was made, she hadn't had any luck yet.
I'm really curious to find out what happened inside the Subway shop with the employee. All she said was there was a weird interaction. However, there is nothing that could have justified someone putting feces into someone's food. That's so disgusting and messed up.

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