First of all, if you are not following the r/Flint community subreddit on Reddit, you are missing out. There are so many random events and cool things to learn about that I can't seem to find anywhere else. Not so cool was last night's news, posted to the r/Flint community by a user who lives in the area who goes by u/Headshots_Maybe on the site.

The post features an eight-second long security camera video of the outside of the man's home where his GMC SUV is parked. We see a dark, obscured view of a man fiddling with the door to the SUV and, very unsettlingly, the video ends with the man getting the door open and climbing inside.

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The caption warns others to "be safe and lock up," because there is a man going around and breaking into several cars in Flint near S Dort Hwy and E Atherton Rd. This particular incident happened between 3 and 3:30 AM this past Wednesday morning, August 31st.

The man who posted the video explains in the comments that he does not keep anything valuable in his car, but the man who broke in shuffled around all of his papers and left him a huge mess to clean up. He also claims that many other cars on the street were broken into, but does not know if anything valuable was taken.

At this time it is unknown who the man is, as the video footage from this security camera in particular is a bit too fuzzy to reveal much. But before you lose your faith in humanity for the millionth time, be grateful to this Reddit user who posted this on the Flint community page to warn others!

Stay safe and always lock your vehicle when it's parked on a street!

See the video below.

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