Bed bugs are nasty little hitchhikers that can be inadvertently brought into your home in several ways.

You can pick up bed bugs while traveling, buying used furniture and clothing, or visitors can easily bring them into your home. You could simply pick them up while sitting in a waiting room or even at a movie theater.

While there are several ways to come into contact with bed bugs that will ultimately end up in your home, there are also ways to prevent an infestation.

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Before we get to the obvious ways of trying to prevent bed bugs, let's discuss a prevention method that many people are unaware of.

It may surprise you to know that there are pest control companies that offer bed bug removal services. They also provide a service that will keep bed bugs from ever getting into your home.


My wife works in health care and from time to time comes into contact with patients that have bed bugs on their clothes. Just knowing that there was even the slightest possibility of one bed bug getting into our home was enough of a reason to pay for preventative services.

We also travel quite a bit so it's nice knowing that if we were to unknowingly bring bed bugs home, we're fully protected.

According to Prudential Pest Management, preventative treatment for Bed Bugs using spores is the best long-term option.

Prudential Pest Management:

The product provides three months of protection. Regular (quarterly) treatments offer hotels and motels effective methods to protect against bed bugs, lawsuits, loss of reputation, and remediation costs. We also provide this service for residential customers who travel often.

There are also several other ways to try and prevent bed bugs but unfortunately, they're not guaranteed methods.

Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs From Getting in Your Home

  • Inspect Second-Hand Furniture
  • Use Mattress and Box Spring Encasements
  • Be Cautious with Used Clothing
  • Regularly Vacuum and Clean
  • Reduce Clutter
  • Seal Cracks and Gaps
  • Be Cautious While Traveling
  • Laundry Practices
  • Use Bed Bug Monitors
  • Educate Yourself

Bed bugs are on the rise in Michigan and throughout the U.S. As a matter of fact, there are three Michigan cities listed below that are in the top 50 list of the most bed bug-infested cities in America.

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