Heads up, Michigan! Burger King is giving away free Whoppers and Impossible Whoppers.

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With fast food prices at what seems like an all-time high, it's nice to get something free for a change. However, that's not quite the reason behind Burger King's free Whopper promotion. It's more about taking a jab at one of their competitors.

Is Burger King's Free Whopper Really Free?

While you can get a free Whopper from Burger King, keep in mind that you have to spend $3 or more to qualify for the offer. Additionally, you can't simply walk in or use the drive-thru to claim your free Whopper; you must place your order through the BK app.

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When Can You Get a Free Whopper at Burger King?

You can get a free Whooper or Impossible Whopper right now through Friday, March 1st.

 Why is Burger King Giving Away Free Whoppers?

It's Burger King's way of responding to the backlash Wendy's received this week after announcing plans to roll out a 'dynamic pricing model.' According to USA Today, as early as 2025, Wendy's is planning to introduce a dynamic pricing model, which means prices would fluctuate based on time, location, and demand.

The surge pricing plan wasn't well-received by the public, so Burger King thought of a clever way to capitalize on the moment.

Burger King's:

Surge pricing? Well, that's new. Good thing the only thing surging at BK is our flame!

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