How many times have you noticed someone cruising down the highway with their hazard lights on? We sometimes see this when it's foggy, snowing, or raining. However, there are times when you see people doing this for what seems like no reason at all.

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Did you know there are some states where using your hazard lights is against the law? Some states allow you to use your hazard lights to indicate a traffic hazard, while others don't permit their use while driving. This means the only time you can use your hazard lights is when your vehicle is stopped.

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Is It Illegal to Drive With Your Hazard Lights on in Michigan?

Finding a definitive answer to this wasn't easy. Michigan's driving laws can be very vague at times and not always clear.

Some Michigan state troopers have stated that the appropriateness and legality of hazard light use are "assessed on a case-by-case basis and will be widely left open to interpretation."

Generally speaking, turning on your hazard lights is legal while driving. We found that Michigan law contains no language whatsoever that says it's illegal to use your hazard lights.


This is something you want to do sparingly. I wouldn't suggest driving down the highway with your hazards on simply because you're driving slowly and not keeping up with traffic. Additionally, avoid using your hazards while parked in front of a store while you quickly run in for a pack of smokes.

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