Using the self-checkout option in Michigan Walmart stores is something people love or absolutely hate.

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As convenient as self-checkout is, it does come with its flaws. Some of those flaws include machines that regularly break down, the constant need for assistance when buying alcohol, and, in some cases, not enough operating when the store is busy.

We understand the need to have someone check your ID while buying alcohol, that isn't the problem. The problem is getting the self-checkout attendant's attention. You really need to have a lot of patience when using the self-checkout line.

I love self-checkout...when it's working properly.

Are Walmart Stores in Michigan Phasing Out Self-Checkout?

It sounds like companies like Walmart are realizing that these machines are a bigger pain than their worth. Some stores have started removing self-checkouts to eliminate the many hurdles they face. Some stores in New Mexico have eliminated self-checkout lanes completely.

According to CNN, retailers have found that self-checkout leads to higher merchandise losses from customer errors and intentional shoplifting — known as “shrink” — than human cashiers ringing up customers.

It's unclear at the moment whether self-checkout will become a thing of the past in Michigan stores. It's also uncertain if Michigan stores have started phasing out the self-checkout lines in the state, but if other states have begun, there's a good chance Michigan will follow suit at some point as well.


When asked about the topic, a Walmart spokesperson was a little vague with their response.

Walmart spokesperson:

We continually look at ways to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible and that includes adjusting the checkout area in stores.

Until they figure out how to stop people from shoplifting while using the self-checkout, we will more than likely continue to see this form of checkout slowly disappear.

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