This just may be one of the most bizarre stories we've ever heard.

A 34-year-old Midland woman was recently found living inside a grocery store sign. We get it, that sentence makes no sense at all. However, it's true and the story only gets crazier.

The woman was found living inside the sign of Midland's Family Fare, which sits on the roof overlooking the parking lot. Not only was she living there, but it was later revealed that she had been there for about a year. How in the world did no one ever notice the woman?

It sounds like she had a pretty sweet setup too because according to the Detroit Free Press, she installed some sort of flooring, had a mini desk, a printer, a computer, a coffee machine, food, and clothing. You have to admit, that is impressive.

How Did the Woman Get Caught?

While working on the roof, contractors noticed an extension cord coming out of the sign. After realizing someone was inside the sign, they called the police. After authorities arrived, they knocked on the little door on the side of the sign. After opening the door, she was told to leave.

Surprisingly, the woman didn't face any criminal charges and was released right there on the spot. She could face trespassing charges if she were to return.

While the contractors had to use a ladder to get onto the roof, it's unclear how the woman was getting up and down.

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