Detroit-based nonprofit Citizen Robotics is in the home stretch as the company's first 3D-printed home in Michigan is nearly complete.

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It sounds like something out of some kind of sci-fi futuristic movie, but 3D-printed homes are starting to become reality across the United States.

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Michigan has yet to see its first 3D-printed home but that is about to change. A project that has been in the works for the past three years is nearing completion.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the industry in the U.S. is new, but proponents say using 3D printing for building homes is the future of construction.

When Will Micigan's first 3D-printed Home be Complete?

If all goes according to plan, the home should be completed by the end of the year. Their goal is to have someone moved in by the new year.

Citizen Robotics:

The two-bedroom, one-bath home, with its green stucco exterior, sits in Detroit's Islandview neighborhood. Citizen Robotics, the nonprofit behind the 1,000-square-foot single-family home, aims to wrap up construction by the end of the year and welcome a homeowner soon after.

The video below is from six months ago and the house looks nothing like this now but it gives a better understanding of how the house was "printed."

Take a look at this amazing transformation from the updated photos below.

How Much Does a 3D-printed House Like This Cost?

The home is expected to be sold for $224,500.

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