The last brick-and-mortar Sears Hometown Store in Michigan is closing.

Sears used to be such a huge part of American life. Unfortunately, Sears will become just another memory. The last standing brick-and-mortar Sears Hometown Store will soon be closing. 

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Fenton Township, Michigan is home to the final store in the state and it is located on North Fenton Road. This particular store opened in 2009 and was recently purchased by a new owner in April 2022. Sadly though, this store will be closing along with over 100 other independently owned stores across the nation.

This was a complete surprise to us and we are truly saddened. We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for the past 13 years...said owner Ala Hasan. 

The closing stems from a filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Hoffman Estates, Sears Authorized Hometown Stores, LLC, and Sears Hometown, Inc. For more details on this, click here. 

It is definitely a sad day for Sears fans. I remember doing a lot of Christmas shopping with my family at Sears. I also purchased my first real set of tools from Sears. I was so proud of the Craftsman set of tools. Tim "The Toolman" Taylor would have been proud.

Don't worry if you have a gift card that you still need to use either. Those will still be honored with the upcoming store-closing sales.


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