Some cities in Genesee County will see a new internet provider option soon.

Having access to the internet is vital in this day and age. With the ability to work from home, endless streaming options for entertainment, online shopping, and more, it can be tough to get through the day without it. However, sometimes having a lack of options when it comes to service providers can become an issue.

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Most people have been in a situation where they had to use one particular internet service provider because of a lack of options. Well for some cities around Genesee County, that may be changing. Fenton, Holly, and Linden have all recently approved a new franchise agreement with a new internet service provider.

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When it comes to the internet, the two biggest providers around the area are Comcast and Charter. Let's be honest, everyone has strong feelings about these particular two, but in most cases, we don't have a choice. Whichever company provides for your area is what you are stuck with...until now.

If you live in Fenton, Holly, or Linden, you will now be able to use a new provider called WOW!. These cities approved the franchise agreements this month and now WOW! can expand into these areas.

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What does WOW! offer when it comes to internet and TV services?

WOW! offers internet service for as little as $19.99 per month and that includes a data allowance of 1.5TB per month. On the higher end, a household can pick up unlimited access for as little as $94.99 per month. Get all the details on WOW! internet and TV here.


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